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Excess flow valves efvs are open during normal operations but close. Part number a inlet connection npt b outlet connection f. Flows are slightly more when valves are installed with outlet up. The purpose of an excess flow valve efv is to stop the flow of gas or liquid through a pipe if the flow rate exceeds a specified value. Foradetailedspecificationincludingadditionalsizesandflow testresults,pleasecontactyourlocalelsterperfectionsales representativeorelsterperfectiondirectlyat800. How to avoid checking the excess flow check valve p. An excess flow valve is a spring loaded check valve which will close only when the flow of liquid or vapor through the valve generates sufficient flow or force to overcome the power of the spring holding it open. Valve basics and sizing information johnson controls. With allmetal components, valve can be used up to 1200f 649c. Smaller size excess flow safety valves are sometimes called velocity fuses. It shall be tested with the following performance requirements. Safety excess flow valves and velocity fuses when a pipe breaks, the valve shuts down the flow of gases or liquids. The valve spring size can be specified by determining the air flow during normal operation and by estimating the flow if a failure or rupture occurs.

Various sizes are used in facilities from laboratories to refineries, chemical processing plants, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical, biotech and food plants. They are often found in the following applications. Valve body the valve body is stamped from stainless steel. Fisher f series excess flow valves emerson electric. Our valve will make your plant safer and may make you eligible for insurance discounts. As the flow rate decreases from the design point to 50 percent, the coil capacity. Valves experiencing excess partial cavitation should be considered for applying anti cavitational.

Excess flow valve, flow check valve, blow out preventor, pipe rupture safety valve, flow fuse, velocity check valve the above are all common names for the same product which we refer to as excess flow valves introduction full description instrument product services ltd. Xs4 series air xs6 series air open air flow, std ft3min air flow, std lmin inlet pressure, psig range trip inlet pressure, bar xs8 series air xs4, xs6, xs8 series water air flow, std ft3min std lmin. The following information is designed to inform you of the requirements of this equipment. Excess flow valves frequently asked questions what is an excess flow valve. This updated resource features a new chapter on the green technology currently employed by the valve industry, as well as an overview of the major environmental global standards that process. Another type of valve with a protective function is the excess flow valve efv. Designed for protection of systems handling corrosive, toxic, radioactive, and flammable materials. Fill station design and tank sizing tas for fnk ill stations tanks must be cleaned and free of scale and. Excess flow valves pacific gas and electric company. Excess flow valve rules effective april 14, 2017 192.

Poppet is designed essentially for axial flow with minimum pressure drop. How they work excess flow valves permit the flow of liquid or vapor in either direction. In keeping with a new federal regulation, eversource wants you to know about your right to request the installation of an excess flow valve efv on your existing natural gas service line. Excess flow valves the material shown here has been extracted from the ebook 52 process safety moments and in the book plant design and operations. Ball and poppet are an integral design to assure positive, inline seating without chatter. Excess flow valves manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Autotrip excess flow valves are activated by the unrestricted. Typically, they are springoperated, although some use a magnetic device. An efv is a mechanical safety device installed in a natural gas service line between the natural gas main and the natural gas meter.

Based on horizontal installation of excess flow valve. Excess flow valves are inline valves through which pressurized gas or liquid flows in either direction. Ideal for container service where weldedin dip pipes are not provided. Medium pressure check and excess flow valves on parker. Discussions to do with equipment are provided at this topic page. Efvs are designed to shut off, or significantly reduce the flow of natural gas if a service line is broken or severed. Fisher fisher f series excess flow valves f series excess flow valves are intended to close upon excessive discharge of vapor or liquid resulting from a break in the hose or piping system. May 16, 2017 how to avoid checking the excess flow check valve p. Fluidyne excess flow check valve is used in filling lines and protects the system against excess flow rates and safely shuts off the flow due to hose bursts or excessive leakages downstream of the. The top entry design enables ease of adjustment and maintenance. Dklok vx36 series excess flow valves are designed to stop uncontrolled release of system fluid on downstream line rupture. Their primary function is to shut a line down in the event of breakage or rupture of a downstream pipe or hose, or any other application where excessive flow must be. Emergency isolation for hazardous material fluid transfer systems applications and limitations of excess flow valves revised june 2007 example, the ci cautions that the efv is principally a protection against an event that damages the manual valve on the transport container during transit and not a protection against damage to connected loading or unloading system piping. Excess flow shutoff valves indicating pressure switches.

This flow is controlled in only one direction the direction of the arrow stamped on the valve. Flow data at 70f 20c springs with lower trip ranges are available. Excess flow valves close automatically to ensure system safety. At the minimum design pressure of the system the maximum anticipated length of service pipe mustat the minimum design pressure of the system, the maximum anticipated length of service pipe must. This change reflects the proposed expansion of efvs to applications beyond sfrs. The 2600 series are externally adjustable excess flow valves. When excess pump flow goes to tank, it generates heat. An excess flow valve efv is a mechanical safety device installed on a gas service line. Excess flow valves for vapor or liquid a27 series and 29. Such a valve is used to shut off flow in a situation where the flow has suddenly risen far in excess of its normal value. Custom flanges, sizes, and materials are available.

Hex plug flex 112 flex connector me202 snubber gb400 pressure gauge me8706. Industrial excess flow valvesxs series 1 xs series excess flow industrial excess flow valves stop uncontrolled release of system media if downstream line ruptures xs series pressures up to 6000 psig 4 bar temperatures up to 400f 204c 18 to 12 in. Excess flow valves for vapor or liquid a27 series and. Revised to include details on the latest technologies, valve handbook, third edition, discusses design, performance, selection, operation, and application. The mvf series safety excess flow valves are engineered for fast automatic shutoff in case of line, hose, or fitting failure protecting plant, personnel, and instruments. A spring pushes a valve open against the oncoming gas flow. Heavy duty schedule 80 pipe and fittings are required with an excess flow valve at the tank, and a strainer and a flex connector in the line to protect the piping and pump. Figure 111 pictures the iso symbol for a flowdividing valve. This topic covers the design of piping and valves, and their role within a process safety management program. The following is a list of the typical piping and valves that are covered by an asset integrity program.

Attached are extracts from the manufacturers efv book for the 400, 800, and 1800 series. Control valve cv calculation in deciding the size of the control valve that port size we need to calculate the cv value of the process calculated cv by calculating cv has educated more than 50 years, which is involved in. F28122017 standard specification for excess flow valves for natural gas service. Our line of back check valves comprise of full port swing style and traditional disk style. Among the findings it was concluded that had an excess flow valve been installed in the gas line to the residence, the valve would have closed after the hole in the pipeline developed, and the explosion likely would not have occurred. Excess flow valves efv, which are safety devices installed on natural gas distribution pipelines to reduce the risk of accidents, are currently required for new or replaced gas service lines servicing singlefamily residences sfr, as that phrase is defined in 49 cfr 192. C407m1003 tank valve w relief me652s strainer 10512. Stop uncontrolled release of system media if your downstream line ruptures with the swagelok excess flow valve. The internal parts for the valves are stainless steel while the bodies are carbon steel.

Efvs are designed so that when your gas appliances are operating normally, the flow is not. These excess flow valves companies from india are wellknown for exports. If an operator independently selects excess flow valves for hisher system, we strongly suggest that the person responsible for this task follow the above examples and contact. They are used to protect cylinder, tank and piping systems, and are available in a large variety of sizes and body configurations. See the swagelok xs series excess flow valve technical report, ms0611. Excess flow valves for liquid or vapor service 1519c series. Properly selected and maintained control valves increase efficiency, safety, profitability, and ecology. Discover more about how swagelok products can work for you. Ian sutton, in plant design and operations second edition, 2017. Control valves are an increasingly vital component of modern manufacturing around the world. Find here the list of excess flow valves manufacturers, excess flow valves suppliers and exporters. The secretary may adopt industry accepted performance standards in order to comply with the requirement under the preceding sentence. These are springloaded flow shutoff valves, which will only close when the flow through the valve exceeds a predetermined closing flow rate in the direction marked on the valve.

Not later than april 24, 1994, the secretary shall develop standards for the performance of excess flow valves used to protect lines in a natural gas distribution system. The natural gas feeder line was not equipped with an excess flow valve. The relief valve in a well designed hydraulic circuit never relieves oil to tank unless there is a circuit or. Chemical safety alert emergency isolation for hazardous. One design maintains a constant flow for one outlet and directs any excess flow to a second outlet. Excess flow valves shall conform to specified materials, dimensions, maximum inlet pressure, temperature rating range, and design requirements. Sizes range from capillary size for laboratory analyzers to process piping sizes for bulk tank loading. The control valve handbook has been a primary reference since its first printing in 1965. Excess flow valve performance standards a excess flow valves efvs to be used on service lines that operate continuously throughout the year at a pressure not less than 10 p. Standard specification for excess flow valves for natural. In the other position, auto shutoff, the valve is set to sense the flow and automatically shuts off the passage if the flow exceeds a preset value flow limit. An excess flow valve efv is an enhanced safety device designed to automatically close and restrict natural gas flow if the service line or meter is severely punctured or damaged, causing a major pressure drop. Sensing a change in pressure, the spring forces the valve closed, minimizing the flow of gas.

The vx36 has a stainless steel construction, a pressure up to 6,000 psig 4 bar, and a temperature rating up to 400 f 204 c the springloaded poppet design allows for the valve to be used in any orientation. Mxf excess flow valve installation and operation manual. Excess flow valves iceweb engineering institute of. This numbered document provides use and design information for selecting, installing. Installation the valves can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Pipe specifications and sizing materials equipment piping fittings flanges gaskets blinds flame arrestors vortex. Its best to contact 811 before you dig to have your utility lines marked for free. To prevent the catastrophic release of lpg into the atmosphere, the national fire protection association recommends the installation of safety devices such as reverse flow check valves and excess flow valves 1. In the open reset position, the valve provides a direct passage from inlet to outlet. Port tube the port tube is molded from acetal copolymer.

Our swing style are full port, which means the hole size inside the valve is the same size as the pipe. In the event of damage to the gas service line between the street and the gas. Their primary function is to shut a line down in the event of breakage or rupture of a downstream pipe or hose, or any other application where excessive flow must be avoided. Our excess flow valves have a slotted poppet which moves to the tripped position when excess flow occurs downstream, then resets when pressure equalizes. Astm f28 122017 standard specification for excess flow. Excess flow valves for vapor or liquid a27 series and 29 series ordering information application designed especially for filling, withdrawing or vapor equalizing in half and full coupling installations. Operator must mark or otherwise identify the presence of an excess flow valve in a service line. Throttling valves operate as steady state, steady flow devices.

Excess flow valves iceweb engineering institute of technology. The rise in flow which triggers the operation of an efv is generally 50% or more above the normal value. The valves flow direction arrow should match with the actual flow direction as the valve only shut off in one direction. Efvs are designed to shut off, or significantly reduce the. An excess flow valve efv is safety device installed by atmos energy inside a service line as near as practical to the gas main that is located in your street, alley or easement. Circle seal xvh series excess flow valves automatically close leaktight when a flow spike occurs, preventing uncontrolled release of system fluid to ensure a safe and reliable working environment at low cost and with minimal maintenance requirement. Circle seal xvh series excess flow valves automatically close leaktight when a flow spike occurs, preventing uncontrolled release of system fluid to ensure a safe and reliable working environment. Excess flow valvesexcess flow valves seth mackayseth mackaysmithsmith director of engineering umac, incorporated.

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