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Tax regulations and links to understand how to fill new spanish tax form720. Secondly, on the 31 may 2017, all eu countries, plus the uk and its crown dependencies and overseas territories, will automatically share all financial information on all financial assets held in their countries by tax residents of another country, to the country. The obligation to file the form exists if the balance in the account on that date is over 50,000. Appendix 098 spanish reporting obligations modelo 720. The modelo 720 overseas asset declaration is it legal or not. Also, you must file 2 the fincen 114 or fbar foreign bank account. Info published on their website about declarations in paper pdfformat, usually in person at a. Presentacion electronica del modelo 720 agencia tributaria. Faqs informa programme registration of representative powers. The modelo 720 overseas asset declaration is it legal or. Information return on assets and rights held abroad. The ec found that the penalties established for the modelo 720 are much higher. Modelo 720 declaracion informativa sobre bienes y derechos. Electronically filing form 720 tax agency agencia tributaria.

The hacienda spanish inland revenue now requires residents to report any. The intention is that all fiscal residents of spain report details of assets held overseas if they exceed certain values. Formalities submissions submission for 2019 up to 40,000 recordshelp filing 2019 via filehelp filing. Aeat modelo 720 recopilacion preguntas frecuentes by alabamafat. Jul 15, 2019 aeat modelo 720 pdf american club of madrid. Resident foreign assets reporting ec infringement procedure. The requirement to submit the modelo 720 form, however, is not under challenge. Ive uploaded a pdf advice sheet from blevins franks, please click here to. No tax will be levied on these assets, but the records will be used and compared against income tax returns, to ensure that income generated from these assets is being reported for example rental income, which is typically not. General information regulations, guides and manuals.

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