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Applicable instruction and warning plates mounted on machines should always be followed. A three port, atmospherically vented version ca is available for retrofit into 3 port cavities where unexpected back pressure has created a problem. Catalogue section, inch version pdf files, metric version pdf files. Subplatemanifold mount nfpa size d03 manual valves vickers dg17v3 series. Suns cartridge filters conveniently use the sun cavity to provide last chance and depth style filters. Ca nov 2007 quick reference cartridge valves technical information relief valves bln10201 520l0588 rev. This provides reduced leakage, faster response and a reduced pressure overshoot to give improved pressure control.

Cartridge valve systems dynamic controls valves for high. Sun cavity is specifically designed to optimize port capacity, allowing larger port connections. Depending on the control input,cartridge valves can be used as. Winner hydraulics cartridge valves, solenoid operated. In addition to our standard cartridge valves,moog also offers a complete line of high flow and active cartridge valves for more specialized and higher performance fluid power systems. Over 40 new products in this catalogue relief cartridge valves page 9.

Valve is available with screw, tamperproof, capped and handknob adjustments. Cartridge valve systems dynamic controls valves for. Over 40 new products in this catalogue sun hydraulics. Solenoid valves ordering information lsv2 10 3 3 h 6t l series cartridge solenoid valve flow path body porting omit cartridge only 6t sae6 cavity 08 10 voltage omit none 112vdc 224vdc 3110vac other voltages available coil connection h din coilround er. Cartridge products are available in up to 5 sizes capacities, are capable of handling flows up to 400 gallons per minute, and operate at pressure up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. Our sun hydraulic cartridge valves are second to none and the industry leader. Each cartridge contains the active elements needed for hydraulic control functions in a convenient and reliable lightweight envelope. Cartridge shuttle valve the basic structure of a shuttle valve is like a tube with three openings. This product contains a chemical known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Cartridge valves are compact and economical components that can be used for directional, pressure, or flow control in systems from 0. Sun hydraulics manufactures a complete range of screw in cartridge valves twopiece, screwin, hydraulic cartridge valve control elements rated for 350 bar operation products are available in five frame sizes capacity doubles with each successive size. Valve is available with screw, tamperproof, capped and handknob.

Stp format, they are perfectly suited for use in all major cad applications. For corrosion resistant models, a slash and two letters are appended. Valve features and benefits eaton offers a complete range of integrated hydraulics flow controls cartridge valves, with a variety of features, including. Cartridge valves technical information cross reference list. It is interchangeable with previous versions of brooks valves. Cartridge valves,also known as 22way valves or logic valves,conform to din 24342 and iso 7368 standards. Statewide are one of the largest dealers and stockists in australia for sun hydraulic products. Sun model code explanation sun hydraulics corporation. Media separated solenoid valves voda from the individual. Where measurements are critical request certified drawings.

Sun has added a number of fixed setting valves to its counterbalance. The rps is a seated style pilot operated relief valve. Cartridge shuttle valve hydraulic valves cartridge. Compact in dimensions, high process security in operation and highprecision metering.

Voda valves with the valves type voda, you have media separated solenoid valves at your disposal which are perfectly adapted to your laboratory automation requirements. These direct acting valves require no minimum pressure for. The rpgt is a soft start relief valve available in. Cartridge valve types include solenoid directional control valves, check valves, pressure control valves, counterbalance valves, pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, flow control and regulator valves, load control valves, proportional control.

The concept of combining multiple cartridge valves in a common manifold offers both the mobile and industrial user substantial costsaving advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional valving. Cartridge valves technical information p relief valves. The combination of different moog cartridge valves,cover plates. Duplomatic motion solutions is an international corporation, constantly growing in the industrial and mobile markets for motion control solutions. Brooks cartridge valve variable area overview product features brooks cartridge iii valve for gas and liquid applications dsvacart iiieng january, 2017 the cartridge iii valve is a multipurpose valve, designed for gas and liquid flow applications. Sun hydraulic valves can operate at 5000 psi assembled in a steel manifold, steel sandwich body or an inline threaded steel body. Mechanical, solenoid and proportional cartridge valves for unf cavities,full range of counterbalance valves for sun cavities,mechanical and solenoid cartridge. Eaton vickers screwin cartridge valves qsg december 2008 5 o pilot operated functional symbol 1 24 3 3 1 2 4 4 3 1 2 directional controls cont.

Cleaning and pressure testing of the cartridge valve system is easily carried out before the installation of the cartridge valve by the use of specially designed flushing adapters and blanking covers. Sun cartridges have a base seven digit part number. Hydraulic cartridge valves sun screwin valves rexroth. Solenoid cartridges feature a standard pushtype manual override. If aluminum is used, the assembly will be limited to 3000 psi. This cartridge relief valve offers a smooth transition inthis cartridge relief valve offers a smooth transition in from its seat thus opening the om its seat thus opening the valve. Common components have been used throughout the entire range of cartridge valves ensuring that the spares requirements are minimized. Solenoidoperated onoff valve hydraulic cartridge valves.

Cartridges technical product information sun hydraulics. This enables a sun pilot solenoid, pneumatic or manual valve to be fitted into the cartridge to select the priority flow condition or bypass all flow to tank. Axiom hydraulics is the sole distributor of sun hydraulics screwin cartridge valves in southern africa. Requires a machined t11a sun cavity or housing for installation.

Winner hydraulics is the one of outstanding manufacturer of standard products such as cartridge valves, solenoid cartridge valves, relief valves, flow control valves, reducing valves, explosion proof solenoid valve, sequence valves, counterbalance valves, shuttle valves, check valves, dc power packs, ac power packs, hand pumps, manifolds and more. One model has a maximum setting of 6000 psi 420 bar. These hydraulic cartridge valves come in 5 family sizes with each successive size doubling the flow rate up to 400 gpm. Cartridge valves technical information introduction contents. Cross hydraulics, products, hydraulics, cross, cartridge valves, solenoid operated valves. Solenoidoperated onoff valve sv0858d 5way, 3position, motor spool, with load sense selection guide similar valves. Hydraulic cartridge systems core products guide the hcs core products guide is a selection of the most functionally versatile and readily available valves from the complete range of the hcs product offering. Sun screwin cartridge valves sun cartridge valves from. Cartridge counterbalance hydraulic valves cartridge. Description a screwin, cartridgestyle, pilotoperated, hydraulic pressure relief valve. Sun screwin cartridge valves sun cartridge valves from cmafh. Sun hydraulics screwin cartridge type hydraulic valves for industrial and mobile applications are basic building blocks. Rather than trying to guess which valves might work, just answer a few questions about your application, and the tool will narrow your options from 184 loadholding valves down to a handful of suitable options, arranging your results by stability and efficiency.

V58 valves quick selection guide for over 50 years honeywell has been manufacturing a premium line of cartridge globe valves v58 family. Electroproportional valves pressure control ts0827 proportional pressure control, pilotoperated relief selection guide similar valves. Cartridge valve systems the cartridge principle cunico. Cartridge valves technical information relief valves bln10201 520l0588 rev. Hydraulic cartridge systems dynamic fluid products inc. Sign up for sunsource products, email news, and specials. Lng gas supply system for megi gas injection system manifolds download pdf.

Sun cartridge valves hydratorque, hydraulic equipment. Flow capacity ranges up to 400 gallons per minute and cartridges are designed to operate at pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. Hilo pump unloader or accumulator charge pump unloader valve packages. The orings should always be toward the high pressure port or between doubled backup rings on bidirectional applications. Load control and motion control cartridge valves counterbalance and pilottoopen check note. The servicing of hydraulically actuated machinery should always be carried out by trained personnel. Honeywell s compact size and replacement capabilities make it the perfect valve to control hot andor chilled water. Solenoid valves ordering information lsv2 10 3 3 h 6t l series cartridge solenoid valve flow path body porting omit cartridge only 6t sae6 cavity 08 10 voltage omit none 112vdc 224vdc 3110vac other voltages available coil connection h din coilround er deutsch connector l series cartridge valves. Standard cartridge valves 22 way series ng16 ng100. Cartridge valve 3d models to complement our cartridge valve data sheets we also have 3d valve models available to download directly from our website. To meet with the overall space envelope of the installation, the cartridge valve system was chosen over conventional valves. This range of multifunction screwin cartridge valves provides high hydraulic performance with flow capabilities range from 1 to 1 100l min. Check valves shuttle valves loadmotor controls flow controls pressure controls logic elements directional controls manual valves solenoid valves proportional valves we at the hydraulic cartridge systems division hope you find this guide useful and want to thank you for turning to parker hannifin for your.

Screwin cartridge cavity comparison working port capacity differences. Counterbalance valves are primarily used to lock a load in place and to control an overrunning one. For an hic assembly, this means that the mounting bolt pattern, port locations, and overall dimensions may be different. Here are some of the advantages of eatonvickers cartridge valves. Cross hydraulics, products, hydraulics, cross, cartridge valves, pressure controls, relief valves cross over. For a cartridge, this means the replacement valve does not fit the same cavity as the original valve. The valves included in this catalog are locally stocked or manufactured for maximum support and availability. Sun cartridge valves provide pressure, flow, logic, directional and load control and are available in up to 5 sizes capacities. Catalogue hy1500uk 2way slipin cartridge valves parker hanni. The softshift option extends response time and as a result minimizes hydraulic shock in the system. Sun hydraulics flow control valves fdcblan sunsource. Check orings and backup rings to assure they are intact and in the correct position. Cartridge relief valve, poppet type hydraulic relief valve.

The shortest distance from concept to solution is now the easiest. Eatons complete range of screwin cartridge valves feature the latest technology, while leading the market in both selection and quality. Hydraulic cartridge valves sun screwin valves rexroth din. Duplomatic motion solutions is an international corporation, constantly growing in the industrial and mobile markets for. Manufacturer of common unf and metric cavities cartridge valves rated up to 6000 psi to provide a wide variety of hydraulic functions. Hydraulic counterbalance valves are often referred to as load holding valves. The flow path between these two connections is controlled hydraulically by a pilot pressure applied to x. Order parker cartridge valve, needle, 12 gpm, fv101s at. A ball or other blocking valve element moves freely within the tube. They are available in a variety of pilot ratios and have the same general specifications as three port valves. Each of the digits in the sequence has significance as shown in the typical model code examples. Sun hydraulics screwin hydraulic cartridge valves feature a unique, two piece floating construction.

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