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The metro stations were designed and embellished by prominent russian architects, artists and sculptors. Moscow for tourists, moscow museums, moscow for children, moscow excursions or arbat, the soul of moscow, are the titles of some of these official maps published on demand of moscow city committee on tourism and hotel industry. Here you can download moscow metro map with english and cyrillic. Moscow subway map for download metro in moscow high. The moscow metro is a rapid transit system serving moscow, russia, and the neighbouring moscow oblast cities of krasnogorsk, reutov, lyubertsy and. Moscow metro, monorail and central circle system map wikimedia. For the past eight years, moscow has been russias leading city in transport development, with an absolute. Moscow metro simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Are you searching for a free downloadable and printable city map of moscow.

This pdf is uploaded to better present the authors intended font style and text alignments due to the fact that the svg version may look too different on different platform. The only good thing about the citys transport is the famous moscow metro, which is very efficient, fast, and is so beautiful it could well be a museum. Large moscow maps for free download and print high. Similar to the moscow metro map, russian names are positioned closer to the stations, with english names are secondary. Edit this map moscow center map near moscow, russia. Totally the half of fuel stations in moscow are wellknown brands and spread of fuel stations by brand appears to be equally distributed. Official moscow metro map russian moscow russia mappery.

Its very important to keep this version because in moscow many signs including the station names are in cyrillic. The next map below shows the distribution of brandnamed fuel stations. Thank you for recommendation to your friends if you. Stories from mayakovskaya metro station the production. Get the free printable map of moscow printable tourist map or create your own tourist map. You will see examples of stations of different periods.

Moscow metro map in english moscow forum tripadvisor. The map is updated with the recent changes of the city. Moscow presents a vast choice of night entertaining centers among which one should necessarily visit the papas place nightclub. The moscow metro is a metro system which reaches nearly every part of the city of moscow in russia. It is supposedly still operated by the main directorate of special. The system was supposedly built, or at least started, during the time of joseph stalin and was codenamed d6 6 by the kgb. Highresolution map of moscow subway for free download and print. For the first time in the history of the moscow metro the map follows the capitalization rules for russian. Station names now use initial capitals and lowercase, whereas previously they were set in all caps.

Subway of moscow moscow metro in its long history has known many innovations and modifications. Just in case you need a paper map i have discovered with realy difficulty. Laminated moscow map by borch english, spanish, french, italian and german edition. Not so long ago, in 2010, upon exiting a metro station you would find yourself in the. Finland map russia is the largest country in the world.

A spatial analysis of moscows fuel stations gis lounge. Map with stations in russian and english moscow forum. The uk tourist mentioned in my post had one of those, and quickly dumped it for the usable map printed from the ilya birman. Moscows subway features the first station in the world to be situated on a bridge and to this day the station vorobyovy gory is. The following link new 20 metro map, artlebedev has a printable version of another metro map, with the station names in both english and russian. Moscow public transportation is horrible and the city is immersed in the constant traffic jams, so dont even attempt to go overground during the peak hours 8 to 11 am and 5 to 8 pm. To help you move into the city, you may use the transport maps of moscow operated by moskovsky metropoliten, ppk and mosgortrans. Travel guide to all touristic sites, museums and architecture of moscow. Moscow is a great shopping destination offering the vastest choice of shops, boutiques and centers among which one will find the state department store and the eliseus store as well as small boutiques and the izmailovsky market which offers its visitors a great. Map with stations in russian and english moscow message. Getting around moscow by metro and public transport way.

Laminated moscow map by borch english, spanish, french, italian and german edition borch, borch on. Road maps, public transport, travel and other maps of moscow. This map shows a more anatomically correct view of the metro, including how the stations actually line up with real landmarks. Englishspeaking operators but in many big companies you can book a.

In this article you will find a selection of 10 official tourist maps of moscow, in pdf format, which you can download and print. Laminated moscow map by borch english, spanish, french. Do you need a tourist map that can be saved as a pdf and includes all the top highlights you want to visit. Lets you to choose the station on the map, or finds it by typed name. Moscow metro map dedicated to russian writers and poets. Scroll east, west, north and south with the navigational tool on the near left or zoom. The moscow metro is the second busiest in the world after the tokyo subway. Official moscow metro map russian official metro map of moscow.

It is one of the most heavily used metro systems in the world. St petersburg metro map english russian pdf tsvetochnaya 25a, tel. The first line of the moscow metro was open in 1935, it covered the distance from sokolniki to gorky park and included stations. Moscow monorail key to symbols 1 terminus metro station 1 2 interchanges separate stations with pedestrian connections between platforms crossplatform interchange monorail station outofstation interchange main railway terminal aeroexpress international airport. This map has english and russian names of the stations. During the excursion you will find out the history of appearance and development of moscow metro. There are 23 unesco world heritage sites in russia, 40 unesco biosphere reserves,40 national parks and 101 nature reserves.

To know the basic rules of civil defence and to be able to wear a gas mask for 30. Wells, were available in russian translation, and they were. Currently, there are over 150 stations including transition stations of the moscow metro. Its about reading names of moscow metro stations in both english and russian charecters. The vast metropolis of moscow is not always easy to navigate, which is why we at moscow life have been busy creating this interactive map of the capital. Official moscow metro map russian near moscow, russia. Furthermore, the moscow metro application, available in russian and english, also makes it possible. Map of the moscow metropoliten, first and second phases, 1935. Depending on the medium size, the level of detail of the map and dimensions of certain elements can vary.

Maps of moscow detailed map of moscow in english maps. Interactive moscow subwaymetro map online will find the best way between stations. The electronic moscow metro map is free for use by individuals and companies. The theme in july 2018 will be megacity of the future. See the best attraction in moscow printable tourist map. It is also famous for its stations, which are heavily decorated with paintings in total the metro is 314 kilometres long and has 214 stations including 1 temporarily closed. This is a list of moscow metro stations, including stations of moscow monorail and moscow central circle, excluding abandoned, projected, planned stations and those under construction. If you get used to these signs itll be easy to use the metro.

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